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We are leading provider of home health care services, nursing staffing, supplies, and equipment.

Mission Statement

It is our commitment to provide professional and paraprofessional healthcare services in the homes of our clients by offering an extra helping hand so they can achieve the highest level of potential in accomplishing their daily living activities.

We are committed to delivering high-quality and multidisciplinary care performed by our professionals who recognize the need for conducting a comprehensive assessment to determine the needs of both the client and professional’s preferences.


We deliver our services based on two functional philosophical principles: the belief that every senior and disabled individuals are important and the belief that each individual regardless of their age, race, sex, color, creed, national origin, or handicap(s) is entitled to widen his or her potential as a human being and as a member of society.

We believe that aging is a normal state in the development process of an individual and that acquiring chronic disease or disability is also, to some degree, part of the process. Our agency is compassionate to assisting aged and disabled individuals within the confines of their residence so they can fully contribute and fulfill their goals as a family member and a member of society. For in this way, their self-respect are enhanced.

Our agency is also a vital member of its community. As an employer, we practice non-discrimination policy and thrive to provide our employees with countless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

As an integral part of the business community, the agency makes every effort to serve the people with attention to current area practices and specific needs.

Sunshine Health Care Services, LLC is a Washington-based reputable provider of first-rate home health care services and nursing staffing. We are proud to cater our services in King County, Pierce County and its neighboring communities. We are a locally owned agency that is born out of dedication in helping seniors and individuals with disabilities or chronic health condition who are in need of daily assistance for them to be able to live an independent life.

Our agency is staffed with highly qualified and compassionate healthcare professionals who have undergone an extensive screening process, in-depth personal interviews, and thorough background and credential checks. You can assure that they are all credible enough in providing exceptional home health care services that you deserve.